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Asked Questions

  • Can I order plaster molds for my patients to try before ordering?
    Yes you can. We offer prepackaged molds you can buy or rent striagh from our lab. Call our office to inquire about sizing and pricing.
  • Do you offer bulk pricing for plaster fills?
    Yes we do. If you order 10+ mod packs or denture fittings we can offer free shipping and reduced pricing per unit.
  • Can I return fittings that are too small?
    We try our best to make sure the crx scans are correctly mounted before we process your order, but if a mold doesn't fit then we will be happy to exchange it for a different size.
  • Do you use round top screw flanges in your denture kits?
    No. All of our denture kits use only USDA approved mouth pieces and have no trace metals in them.
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